Thursday, 12 February 2015

India... Literature Today ...Scam alert!!!

My poem "You are not just you" just out in an Indian journal I haven't seen yet..
OK well it looks like I won't be seeing it! I deduce that it is some manner of scam! Clever, in fairness, but it seems to be a nifty way for the "editors" to pocket a few easy grand. Publishing costs are really low in India, and there are 82 contributors -none of whom got a free copy as would be standard- and then we were all emailed repeatedly urging us the buy a copy for 14 dollars, and then more emails to encourage us to take selfies of ourselves, counting on our reliable vanity, which they then post on Faceache as publicity to sell more copies.
Even if the only people to ever buy one were the people who'd actually written the material, that's 1158 dollars. I think it's also suspicious that when I have emailed them there's no reply -and not just me- and the final dead give-away of a SCAM is that the order the poems appear in the book is alphabetical! As if a computer put it together.... Oh well! Live and learn!

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