Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mayday - what a night!

Thanks again to Boyle library, and especially Patricia, for having us Hermits in. Brilliant night. Thanks also to the musicians; Jimmy Noctor, Gregory Daly, Monica McCarrick, Roger Stevens and Helen Grehan.
Artists; Jenny Cooper, David Gearty, Gavin Porter, Chris Warburton and Tom Meskell.
Writers; Andrew Goodison, Helen Grehan, Margaret Browning, Catherine Ryan, Rosaleen Glennon, Pete Worth, Rose Byrne, Paul and Alison McDermott, and myself.
Pictures to follow..
Jenny Cooper

David Gearty

The Hermit House Band

Me and Ivy, setting it up

Catherine Ryan

Helen Grehan

Andrew Goodison

rapt audience!

Pete Worth

Monica McCarrick and Jimmy Noctor

Margaret Browning


Julie and co

Paul and Alison McDermott


Chris Warburton - sculptor

Tom Meskell with one of Gavin Porters pictures

Julie and Margaret of the Millwheel writers

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  1. Thanks Jess for organising a very enjoyable event,